Exam Pass Rates

The Exam Pass Rates Dashboard is a series of data visualizations for individual EPPs that features candidate characteristics along with the attempts and pass rates for exams. Depending on your role, the dashboard also includes individual details about each candidate exam attempt.

Pass Rates Per Exam

The Pass Rates Per Exam page details pass rates in an admission cohort or academic year for your EPP. This page includes exam outcomes by attempt, pass rates by gender, and pass rates by race/ethnicity.

State Level Comparison

The State Level Comparison page details the candidate pass rates for your EPP with average state pass rates and can be viewed by admission cohort or academic year. Details by exam attempt and pass rates by race/ethnicity are also included.

Pass Rate Summary Table

The Pass Rate Summary Table page provides your EPP with candidate specific information about candidate demographics, certification area, and exam attempts.

Exam Pass Rates Protocol (coming soon)

This step by step guide will help your EPP to effectively frame and analyze your candidate data, describe the data trends observed, and plan your continuous improvement using candidates’ pass rates on the PPR, STR, and Content exams.