Principal Perceptions by Question

Details principal perception survey responses for new teachers from your EPP by specific survey question for admission cohort or academic year.

Navigate to the Principal Perceptions by Question Page

Select the “Principal Perceptions by Question” page from the menu. On this page, you will be able to filter information by Year, Certification Area Grade Level, Certification Route, Race, and Sex.

Select Admission Cohort or Academic Year

Use the Academic Cohort button to view exam pass rates for a specific Cohort or use the Academic Year button to view exam pass rates for a specific year.

Select Categorical Data or Aggregated Data

  1. Use the Categorical Data button to view new teacher perception data by response category.
  1. Use the Aggregated Data button to view principal perception data by number, mean, and standard deviation.

Principal Perceptions by Question Table

  1. Use the “Principal Perceptions by Question” table to view response data from principals for your EPP for 7 constructs included in the question stem: To what extent did your educator preparation program prepare you…? This view will change based on your selected filters and selection of Admission Cohort or Academic Year and Categorical Data or Aggregated Data.
  1. For the “Principal Perceptions by Question” table, you may need to use the scroll bar on the right to view all of the questions.
  1. Click the “plus” sign next to each construct to expand the subset and view additional related questions.
  1. Click the “minus” sign to collapse the subset of questions.